Fall protection course

Price: 990 NOK

An extensive online course in fall protection ensures a thorough training for working at heights and for the use of fall protection equipment. Wrong use of equipment can give a false assurance, and in worst case increase the risk of falls and injuries. It is also important that the training is documented as part of the company’s HSE work. This fall protection course provides insight to relevant laws and regulations for work at heights. It provides information about different types of fall protection, as well as the use and maintenance of various types of fall protection equipment. The fall protection course highlights measures that can reduce the risk of a fall and that can minimize damage by a potential fall.

You can take the course anywhere and anytime, as long as you have internet access. Do you want to know more about how it works? Click here.

This online course consists of pictures, sound, video and question along the way. There will be a final exam that you must pass in order to get the course approved. A diploma is issued after completed course.

In addition to the theoretical training, one must document practical training.

You will get access to the documents that must be filled out when you start the course.

Course duration: ~2-3 hours

This fall protection course is available in Norwegian, English, Lithuanian and Polish.

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