Scaffold builder course – 5990 NOK

  Scaffold builder course 2-5 m – 1990 NOK

  Scaffold builder course 2-9 m – 3990 NOK

  Personnel lift course – 1990 NOK

  Scaffold user course – 1490 NOK

 Fall protection course – 990 NOK

 Course in lifting equipment, slinging and strapping – 3990 NOK

  Introduction to health, safety and environment (HSE) – 990 NOK

  HSE for foreign workers – 990 NOK

  Health safety environment course when assembling modular construction

– 4990 NOK

  Health, safety and environment (HSE) course for managers

– 1190 NOK

  Dangerous hand tools – safety course – 1290 NOK

Payment conditions:

  • After registration, we will send you an invoice for the course/s you have chosen
  • You can start taking courses the moment they are activated. Please note: we can stop your access to courses if the payment is not received.
  • The payment must be received within 2 weeks after sending you the invoice. If you pay later, a fine will be imposed.
  • After passing the exam, diploma will be sent by e-mail as a proof of your theoretical knowledge. When you pass the theoretical exam, carry out practice and pay the invoice, a certificate that allows you to work will be sent to you by mail.
  • Exam can be taken 3 times. If you fail 3 times, the system will take you back to the first slide in order to repeat the course. In this situation, exam is available only after taking the course one more time. To repeat courses and exam, you need to pay full price for the chosen course/courses.
  • If your employer shall pay for the course, this must be approved by your employer before you register. You are personally responsible for ensuring this.
  • We are collecting your contact information to be able to contact you regarding courses, and keeping you up to date on courses and campaigns.


To get certificates

To get a certificate as a proof or your knowledge and abilities to do relevant work, you will need:

  • Send us signed practical work documents (you will find all templates for such documents after registration in your user account, next to your course program).
  • All documents must be signed by a qualified person (person who has passed a course that is at least equivalent to the course you are taking)
  • Make all payments you have committed to
  • Take and finish theoretical courses and pass an exam.

Note: It is not possible to go back to the slides when you have started taking the exam. It is important to learn well the theoretical part of courses before taking an exam.