Scaffold user course

Price: 1490 NOK

Scaffold user course provides documented training in accordance with the regulations concerning execution of work § 17-5. This provision states that anyone who uses scaffolds shall get educated in how to use a scaffold.

The user course covers safety when working at heights, and safe and proper use of the various types of scaffolding. It looks at a various types of occupational accidents and look at what can be done to prevent accidents from happening. During this online course you shall:

  • learn to master the use of all types of scaffolding
  • learn to distinguish different types of scaffolding from each other
  • learn to choose the right scaffolding for the job
  • learn to evaluate safety during the use of the scaffolding
  • learn about the measures you can take to prevent workplace accidents
  • learn how to work properly and safely

This online course consists of pictures, sound, video and question along the way. There will be a final exam that you must pass in order to get the course approved. A diploma is issued after completed course. Do you want to know more about how it works? Click here.

You will get access to the documents that must be filled out when you start the course.

Course duration: ~2-3 hours

This scaffold user course is available in Norwegian, English, Lithuanian and Polish.

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